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Cooking Tasty Nigerian Meal is Not a Piece of Cake

Have you ever puked from eating a bad food?

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Cooking is not a piece of cake. So is finding a restaurant that will serve you tasty Nigeria foods abroad. You can count how many times you had jumped into a restaurant to have a tasty Nigeria meal only to be disappointed at first bite. We know everyone is not blessed with good cooking. They shouldn’t dare open a restaurant to make people sad for eating from them. Eating should bring joy.


This joy that comes from eating a good meal is what WaZoBia restaurant in Philadelphia gives to all its patronisers. If you are interested in trying some authentic Nigerian cuisine, WaZoBia is the place to go. The food is phenomenal. Jollof rice, rice & stew, goat pepper soup, egusi, ewedu, Amala and fufu,  fried fish, croaker fish, plantain are cooked and seasoned well such that after eating, you will be battling with whether or not to lick the plate. Also, their serving sizes are worth how much you pay. So reasonable to give you the satisfaction your money can fetch because nothing is crankier than paying good money for bad food. So Wazobia’s consistently delicious fare all combine to make eating gratifying.  If you like spicy food, their goat pepper soup is to die for.  If you like mild, yet very flavorful items then you may try the jollof rice with fried plantain or fish.


The interior is pleasant, lots of plants and natural light, nice tables, a poster showing skylines of African cities, a bar area at the front of the store.  The place where ordering is done is a small glass window that slides off to the side revealing the kitchen, employees, and a dozen steaming pots boiling on the gas cooker.
No descriptions or even mild explanations are given on the menu, absolutely no hints for foreigners. You need to know what you want to eat or the menu may just make you order Amala and chicken. There are two sections, one which appeared to be for entrees, and another for smaller rice dishes. The entree section had about seven items to choose from with a caption atop saying ‘your choice of meat: beef, chicken, goat,….

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The decoration is an ultra-authentic hole-in-the-wall, so it is best for take-out than it is for sit-down meals on the premises.  If you are into the ambience of a place or a decor snob, then go elsewhere or better still leave your expectations at home and feel free to eat there. The space is small and cluttered, so more people always get their food and go.  They place more emphasis on their good food and the kindness they show to customers. If you don’t have enough money to expand your business and make customers happy, you have to keep them with good product and adequate customer services. Isn’t?

WaZOBia is good at customer service. The only thing more generous than their portions is their spirit to serve customers food needs.  The restaurant’s owners and servers are such nice, friendly people.  They welcome you, help you order, and hand you out an extra serviette when you start sweating the sweat of eating good meal and finally send you off with a smile. But there are still waiters in WaZoBia who give horrible service and are very rude to customers but if you keep considering their rudeness you may never catch a tasty Nigeria meal.



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