Where are you taking yourself for christmas?

Nigeria is blessed with several tourist attractions, each unique in its own way. For a tourist coming into the Heart of Africa, these attractions offer relaxation, entertainment and education all the way. So if you’re wondering how this year’s Christmas holiday is going to be, just go ahead and check out our selection of the top 5 tourist destinations in Nigeria. Fun isn’t fun when it becomes rote. A fun trip to the cinema, mall or the stadium loses its spark when new memories aren’t being made. Take a look at the 5 places in Nigeria that will leave you and your family with unforgettable memories.

  1. The Lekki Conservation Centre
(Photo Source: Lonelyplanet )

The Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos stands out as one of the best nature reserves in south-western Nigeria. It offers an atmosphere of fresh air with its green vegetation and has a huge tract of wetlands set aside for wildlife. You can see and take photos of monkeys, crocodiles and various birds from its canopy walkways. It’s one of the escape destinations from the forever buzzing city of Lagos. This nature hub is over 20 years old and covers an area of 78 hectares. Managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), it is generally regarded as an icon of nature conservation. Lekki Conservation Centre represents the flagship project of Nigeria Conservation Foundation for the preservation of unique biodiversity, scenic, natural, scientific recreational values of the coastal environs of western Nigeria. So if you care about these, go ahead and check.

2. Hi-Impact Planet

(Photo Source: Sherifat Onabanjo)

Hi-Impact Planet in Lagos State offers fun for the young and old. There are games, rides and other entertaining attractions for the young and young at heart. You and your family will enjoy a good time and form magical memories. You can grab a snack or ice cream during your day of fun or enjoy full-blown intercontinental meals at the park’s 3 food court.

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3. Kajuru Castle, Kaduna State


If you are looking for where fresh ancient air blends with modern air, Kajuru Castle is the place to go. It is a luxury Medieval-German style villa built over 3 decades ago located in Kaduna State, northern Nigeria. The villa is designed with bedrooms modeled after dungeons and several towers with crenellated walls. The medieval theme is seen throughout the castle. It even has a portcullis (the vertically closing gate) with a crocodile pit. The castle includes a guest tower with 4 rooms and the main building with a knights’ hall and a master suite. There’s an outdoor swimming pool for cooling off on hot days and a barbeque spot right by the pool.  From the pool area and most of the castle windows, you will enjoy a fascinating view of the surrounding mountains and inselbergs. The Castle also has its own Sauna for a steam bath.

4. Obudu Cattle Ranch, Cross River

(Photo Source: Mandy Williams)

Obudu Mountain Resort in Cross Rivers State is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nigeria. With spectacular views, temperate climate with clouds smiling down on its peaks and valleys, it offers visitors a good blend of warm and cold temperature and outdoor activities that ensure a great memorable experience. The rooms are made up of chalets, standard room, executive room, and huts to presidential suites. Although the resort is open to visitors throughout the year, the period between October and February is the best time to visit, as it is the time when the sky is very bright and the air is frosty

5. Millenium Park, Abuja

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Millennium Park in Abuja is the largest of the green areas and parks in Abuja covering a land area of about 32 hectares. It is located in the Maitama district of the federal capital territory. It is a romantic park for lovers, couples and family hangouts. It also has affordable hotels in case you decide to have some exquisite moment with your family and friends.


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