Prince Harry’s Proposal to Meghan Markle is Exposing Britain’s Blatant Racism

…white supremacists who assumed there was a secret ploy to get rid of the monarchy and erase their heritage through interracial marriage.

You remember when Baroness Kate Gavron said Prince Charles should have married someone Black to prove the monarchy’s commitment to racial integration and multiculturalism? Then you will remember also that her comment did not sit well with the hypocritical white supremacists who assumed there was a secret ploy to get rid of the monarchy and erase their heritage through interracial marriage. They couldn’t just digest having a royalty get attracted to black people.

When other countries like the United States and Russia where battling racism, Britain prided itself as a racially tolerant and diverse state, however, cloaked in hypocrisy the British noble believed that if they willfully turned a blind eye to the controversial topic, it would go away and the world would be none the wiser to the underlying issue of racism in Britain.

Seventeen years after the Baroness’ statement, Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle – a biracial model and actress. Harry, who is 5th in line to the British throne popped the question and news of the engagement were made public 27th November 2017. The symbolism of this engagement is of interest to the world as the Monarchy is fundamental to Britishness. The British Royal Family has never mixed with black people. Markle is, however, set to change all that by being the first British Royal of Black descent.

Shortly after the engagement was announced, Markle’s race became the subject of frequent cryptic comments which brought the topic of Britain’s Racism to the fore. The hypocrisy that thrived for so long in the dark was brought to light by the Social Media showing British as racially tolerant. The Spectator pointed out that 70 years ago, Meghan Markle would have been the kind of woman the Prince would have as a mistress, not a wife. Surely they are not referring to Markle’s status as a divorcee because of Princess Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall already broke that when she married Prince Charles in 2005. What the Spectator was referring to was the fact that Markle is black.

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The Daily Mail went further to say that marrying into Royalty does not earn you a right to the throne. An attempt assuring the white public that it is very unlikely that they would have a black queen someday. More cryptic comments came when trying to describe the new princess to be as “not in the society blonde style” of women previously attached to Harry and “straight out of Compton” which is an infamous British code for the fact that she has black ancestry.

One would expect Markle to turn a blind eye to all the comments and hope that the cycle passes, but this seems unlikely as she has owned her mixed heritage with pride and have spoken to the media at length concerning her experience of having black heritage in a prejudiced society, of working in a highly racial industry and of seeing her mother abused with the “N” word. Perhaps her Hollywood outspokenness would come to play in her new role as a British Royal even though she announced her retirement from acting to concentrate on her new duties as a Princess.

The couple is set to marry in May 2018 and would make their home in Nottingham Cottage located on the grounds of Kensington Palace.

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