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Rapper, Diddy, Wants to Give a Million Dollar Contract to the Boy in H&M’s Racist Ad

Sh*t Just Got Serious

Photo Source: P. Diddy, Instagram /H&M

Unless you have been locked out of the internet, you would have seen the H&M racist advert that sparked mixed reactions. An advert that was badly criticized and as usual, they took it down and apologized.

But since then the internet hasn’t forgiven the fashion brand, having both black and white community online and offline react differently in their own way. P Diddy (or Puff Daddy, Puffy, Diddy, Brother Love, Love or whatever baffling moniker he’s going by these days)  in his own special way is reportedly set to offer the kid a modeling contract for his own brand, Sean John, with a $1 million (#350m) deal.

While we are awaiting Diddy to make an official statement, the rapper posted an amended version of the image on his Twitter and Instagram pages replacing the offending slogan with ‘Coolest King In The World’.



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Henry I. Ugwu

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