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20 Amazing Eye Colours From Around The World That’re Sure To Have You Shook

Brace yourself to see the photographs of the 10 most amazing eyes you have never seen in your life

As you already know, diversity is an all-time buzzword. The human species is full of countless varieties of skin, and this fact acknowledges what makes us who we are as individuals.

At Woke Africa, we look out for content that present diversity in good light. We want to celebrate diversity by encouraging conversations about social change; through our content, we want to empower people to stand up for themselves and to defend who they are. We’re here to acknowledge the differences in the human race and use those differences to foster equal rights and inclusion in all spheres of life.

You may think these pictures of people with unique eyes are not real but we have compiled them from around the world to show you layers of diversity that are real as they come.

This image of an Indian girl is everything stunning. Makes you think of  spring sky in the snow

This Indian beautiful girl  with sparkling eyes was thought to be a witch but you may not resist admiring her all day

This is an image of a beautiful woman with eye colours we can’t describe. It will leave you shivering like mad if you stare too long

Having lost its original background but still Sexy AF this picture shows a blend of beauty and innocence of an African child

An adorable picture of this black boy smiling will leave you thinking he holds the bluest eyes ever

It looks like these eyes are lit from the sky with a touch of ocean blue to thirst

Glistening like the colour of Gold the eyes of this Asian child has no look alike in the entire planet yet

Bradley Cooper has said times without number that his eyes are really devoid of contact lenses

You must have wondered if Angelina Jolie wears contact lenses too but no, her eyes are real

These eyes look completely different from all the eyes above. It changes to gray, ash and sky blue when you’re looking at it from different angles



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Written by Brandon Mann

Your next door nerd with an annoying and weird sense of humour... I write for the fun of it. My perfect day is a cold rainy day, tucked in a blanket with a hot cup of tea and a novel.

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