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Spotify Is Officially Launching in South Africa Next Week

This is not a joke nor is it a false alarm. Spotify is about to penetrate Africa and they’re starting from South Africa.

Raise your hand if you cannot survive without good music in this life.


The methods of listening to music have evolved. Mix-tapes cartridges, CD plates, and cassettes have been replaced with Mp3s, Flash drives, Memory Cards and card-readers. But all of them have been flushed by the coming of Music streaming services that offer everything from hard rock to symphonic synth for a low subscription price.

Whether it’s Google Play, Pandora, Slacker, Tidal or Spotify, having a library of instant audio gratification at your fingertips is just a mere credit card swipe away. Now, the field of music streaming services in South Africa is going to get a little bit hotter, as the biggest player in music streaming, Spotify, is launching in the country next week which is a move to penetrate Africa and expand its market of over 159-million users, including over 71-million Spotify Premium subscribers, across 61 markets in the world.

Spotify also works hundreds on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles just in case you need some music streaming while you vanquish a boss or several in your games.

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