Infinix Is Sponsoring Homophobia In Nigerian Universities

Sponsors billboard advert that says being gay is as bad as drug abuse…

Homophobic billboard with Infinix logo Photo Source: Facebook

A photo that recently went viral on social media shows a billboard spotted at the University of Port Harcort with the Infinix brand logo and the words, “Say No to Lesbianism, Homosexuality and Drug Abuse.” Infinix is spreading this message as part of its anti-corruption campaign across the country. Other billboards like this are reported to have been seen in other Nigerian universities like the University of Benin and Rivers State University of Science and Technology.

What this means is that Infinix thinks homosexuality is wrong and should be eradicated, an opinion that informed the passing into law in 2014 the anti-gay bill in Nigeria which suppresses gay rights and prescribes fourteen years imprisonment as punishment for homosexual “practice”. This has led to significant increase of violence against gay people and people suspected to be gay across the country. In June 2017, Nigerian writer, Chibuihe Obi, was kidnapped and held hostage for days after his essay narrating the fear of being queer and living in Nigeria.

It is a shame that such a global brand as Infinix will buy into Nigeria’s homophobic politics to promote sales at the expense of the life and rights of queer people in Nigeria by comparing it to drug abuse and cultism.

Infinix is currently receiving backlash from the pro-LGBTQ community in Nigeria on Facebook and Twitter who are using the harshtag #BoycotInfinix to campaign against Infinix’s homophobic stance. However, Infinix has now taken down the homophobic message without an adequate apology for the lives of many people it put in danger.

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